The Youth Development Training and Resource Center is a resource center and intermediary to assist youth programs, local youth-serving networks, and funders of youth agencies throughout Connecticut. YDTRC was founded in 1993 by the City Wide Youth Coalition and The Consultation Center. Through our services, we promote positive youth development and meaningful youth engagement. We can provide services or connect you to resources.

Our services include:

  • Opportunities for young leaders to develop skills
  • Professional development for youth workers and supervisors
  • Technical assistance to youth organizations, networks and funders
  • Collaboration on youth engagement projects and annual events
  • Advocacy for youth development and youth as change-agents

YDTRC is responsive to individual needs!
We will work with you to understand your specific needs for staff training, site-specific consultation, technical assistance strategies, program development, outcome assessment, and/or resources on youth issues, adolescent programming, and youth leadership.

YDTRC is linked to many outside resources!

As active members of national, state, and local networks, we can help you assess needs, locate new resources, and find the latest research on youth development.

YDTRC has qualified staff, trainers and consultants!

Our staff is available to respond to your needs for a range of capacity-building services whether you are a new provider or working in a funding organizations, part of a youth-serving organization, school program, or a community network. We can help you find ways to expand opportunities for youth and families to thrive in your community.